Thursday, February 14, 2013

Art 1 Perspective City

I know this isn't a new project.
And truly it was one that I didn't do for years as "everyone does this.."
but.. okay, I see why its a go to art 1 project.

We began the perspective process as soon as we started the second semester. I've found over the years that with schedule changes and sickness, that the first project of the 2nd semester needs to be a fairly cut and dried and an easy to transport project.

This one really does fit the bill.
I wanted to be a little more creative, but in the end,
we just focused on drawing lines to the 2 vanishing points and being consistent.

This was rather difficult for some.
However, it was a great differentiation project as all but
one student could do this project with limited modifications.

The basic guidelines for a 70 were:

2 vanishing points
6 buildings
at least one door and window on all buildings
a crosswalk
signage (building or street level)

Some students did significantly more than the minimum as they wanted an A.
(side note: instead of giving guidelines as to what makes a 100, I find that my students do better when they know what earns them a 70, the passing mark. This doesn't overwhelm students as much and it gives me flexibility to really reward the extra effort. Additionally, instead of having a bunch of students not turning in projects because they are afraid they won't do well, I have almost every student turn in their projects as 99% of the students get the minimum finished before the due date.)

Here are some of the work samples. These are all art 1 students and most of my students have never had an art class until they walk through my door.

Once the projects were graded the students were given the opportunity to take it back and add color for an extra credit grade. 

See our online art gallery for more work samples: