Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going the extra mile for my students!

We are making packing tape sculptures this week.
Here I am going the extra mile by being the model!
(we are wearing red today to say NO to drugs...)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

keeping it real

Often times we teachers only want the world to see the good stuff that we do. Heck, bloggers in general only want to blog about the cute things, not the meaty stuff!

With that in mind, and working to update my student's Artsonia accounts more frequently, I decided that instead of just posting the "quality" pieces, I want to post the progress! The vast majority of my students have never had an art class and don't have even the most basic knowledge of art principles or practices. Because of this, I think it is vital that we celebrate all work and watch the progress, not just applaud the pieces that we would deem to be quality art projects.

So in an effort to keep it real.... I have already posted 157 student created drawings. Many are sketchbook assignments and most of them would be considered not really worthy of posting, but I am proud of the work that my student's do, so I am displaying it publicly for them and their families!

Here is a sampling of the work we have done so far this semester....

Every Wednesday sketchbooks are due...

Art 1 is drawing pears.

Art 2 is drawing hands.

Most recently we have worked with shape and form.
We did Geometric Object Drawings:

Students drew the geometric objects for a few days and then we moved onto other objects. We are currently making a positive and negative shape drawing/painting.
I'll post completed project photos soon!
Art 2 and AP are hard at work as well. I'll post some of their work soon too!

Saturday, October 6, 2012